Dormobile Ltd build new motor caravans

First in over three decades

This is the story of how we built a fleet of new campervans in an unprecedented year affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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What a year it's been!

Yes, it’s been a pretty big year for all of us at Dormobile Ltd.

Not only did we move into our new premises in Lyndhurst, New Forest (with all the trials and tribulations that these strange times present), but we have also been extremely busy producing a brand-new batch of campervans.

This summer, a fleet of European type approved Peugeot Boxer camper vans and Ford Transit custom campers have hit the roads. Timed to meet demand of a booming staycation market, we are absolutely thrilled to see the Dormobile name emblazoned on new vehicles once again.

When we started this journey not so long ago, the production of new high-end campervans and day vans was central to our plans. The classic Dormobile is our foundation of course, but how exciting is a brand new fleet of Dormobile motor caravans? We thought VERY, so got straight to work.

Year one has gone really well, but like every road, there have been potholes, closures and diversions.

Supply at these unprecedented times has been the biggest challenge, as vehicle manufacturers closed their production lines temporarily (due to high-demand microchips being hoovered up elsewhere as the world spent BIG on home entertainment) , while camper-component manufacturers struggled with increased global demand.

The Dormobile Renaissance

So. it’s fair to say that when the first extra-long wheel-base Boxer rolled off the production line, it was a very satisfying moment.

The first production line Dormobile motor caravan in over three decades was born – The Renaissance.

This 4 berth, luxury camper comes complete with hot water shower, toilet, kitchen galley with triple hob and microwave, full leather interior, all built on the top spec 165ps Peugeot Boxer.

After a quick breather to produce the marketing material, The Renaissance was ready for sale and rental.

The Dormobile Freeway

The Ford Transit Custom is a no-brainer of a base vehicle. The Ford Transit mark 1 Dormobile Freeway is one of our favourite classic Dormobile campers. We currently have one in our workshop which is being restored, and the synergy of old meets new just feels right.

So, let’s talk about the pop top roof. Dormobile is all about the side elevating roof. Our logo is based around that very design. So why have the wedge on these conversions? Simply, when we bring the Dormobile roof back on such a grand scale to Fords, VWs and similar base vehicles, it will be absolutely spot on. Meantime, and while research and development is carried out, we formed a fantastic supply partnership with the brilliant Drivelodge roofs.

These 4 berth classic campers have off grid electrics, an inverter for remote laptop working, night heater, versatile lighting configurations, railed dual passenger seat bed, double hob, fridge freezer, underslung waste and fresh water, bed platform in pop top roof, dual passenger swivels and more.

The Dormobile Day Van

We are also currently working on the Dormobile Day Van. (OK, OK, we know we need a better name than that, so feel free to reach out on social with any suggestions!)

The prototype for this versatile vehicle is almost complete and we are very excited to get cracking on v2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on.

Champagne on ice

Much has been done, but there is still much, much more in the planning stages.

Although the champagne is on ice, we have (at least) afforded ourselves a raised glass of cold beer (or three).