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1972 Volkswagen Dormobile D4/6

LUW899K is a genuine one owner from new car with “none” listed under previous owners on the V5 document. The car was purchased new by Mr. Frederick Wright from Balgores Motors, Volkswagen and Mercedes specialist in Romford, Essex on 27th May 1972. The original bill of sale, present and pristine, shows that he ordered the car with number plates, delivery to his home just a mile away, where it resided for the next 47 years. Careful maintenance and care over nearly 5 decades is evident with, road tax, mudflaps, factory under seal, and gas and regulator for the 2-burner hob behind the passenger seat all completely intact. The exceptional preservation of this wonderfully original Type 2 Volkswagen Dormobile owes to the fact it was stored in a bone-dry garage for much of its life. Apparently Mr. Wright would never drive the car in the rain and the vehicle remained in the garage during the winter months to avoid salted roads. The van was primarily used to travel down to the south coast of France during summertime where Frederick and his wife, with their niece and nephew, visited various camp sites; a favourite being Camp du Domaine close to Toulon Airport. The car still displays several different French campsite stickers from the 70s and 80s. If you care to rummage under the seats, you will find a baguette carrier bag, a time zone calculator and some ferry crossing times from Le Lavandou. The van spent many happy summers in the south of France completing 1700-mile round trips from when it was new until 2001 when it was parked in the garage due to Mr. Wright’s ill health. The van remained virtually unused, only being driven to the MOT centre and back for close to 20 years before Mr. Wright sadly passed away.

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Wheeler Dealers Dormobile

We received a call from the series producer asking if we could help out with their latest project, a Bedford CA Dormobile. Naturally we jumped at the chance!

The brief was pretty simple; they needed to replace the canopy on this classic camper, and we could sort them out with a new one.

The Bedford CA Dormobile conversion spanned more than a decade, starting life as the “Bedroom on Wheels” camper in 1952. This vehicle didn’t have a pop top roof at all. That first appeared in 1957 with the CA porthole sporting the now classic candy-striped canopy. A little later came the Romany & Deauville Bedford CA Dormobiles which boasted a larger roof with two fixed windows and a large vent.

First off we had to establish which one they had.

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Dormobile Limited Campervans

Yes, it’s been a pretty big year for all of us at Dormobile Ltd.

Not only did we move into our new premises in Lyndhurst, New Forest (with all the trials and tribulations that these strange times present), but we have also been extremely busy producing a brand-new batch of campervans.

This summer, a fleet of European type approved Peugeot Boxer camper vans and Ford Transit custom campers have hit the roads. Timed to meet demand of a booming staycation market, we are absolutely thrilled to see the Dormobile name emblazoned on new vehicles once again.

When we started this journey not so long ago, the production of new high-end campervans and day vans was central to our plans. The classic Dormobile is our foundation of course, but how exciting is a brand new fleet of Dormobile motor caravans? We thought VERY, so got straight to work.

Year one has gone really well, but like every road, there have been potholes, closures and diversions.

Supply at these unprecedented times has been the biggest challenge, as vehicle manufacturers closed their production lines temporarily (due to high-demand microchips being hoovered up elsewhere as the world spent BIG on home entertainment) , while camper-component manufacturers struggled with increased global demand.

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This Land Rover Defender came to us used, really well used!

The exterior pointed to a past life as an ex-commercial utility vehicle. Those stand-out roller shutters used to provide easy access to tools while some poor soul was freezing to death halfway up a mountain somewhere, fixing telegraph poles (or something).

But the tatty roof tent on the aluminium roof rack gave clues to its more recent history.

This was already an adventure vehicle…a much loved and well used one.

When we opened up the rear door, the reality of the task in hand hit home. It was jam-packed with camping gear, shoddy electrics, torn upholstery and scuffed and scraped on every single surface.

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