A Guide on How to Make your Campervan More Homely

Struggling on how to make your camper feel a bit more like home? Then we have got you covered as we go through the items that make your camper feel a bit more homely.

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After a long day of travelling or sightseeing there is nothing better than jumping into a nice comfy bed. So we have decided to tell you, how we like to make our campervan bed comfy after a long day.

First, we always suggest to put a mattress topper over the cushions that form the bed to give it that extra comfort and homely feel. You don’t have to have an expensive one either. You can get one for less than £20 from Amazon!

Now, many people use a sleeping bag when they go out in their campervan but for that luxury feel, why not invest in a 4 or 7 tog duvet that can be kept in the under bed storage. By having a thinner duvet they are easier to store in the campervan and take up less room. Pillows are a must, and they can be kept under the bed too! Why do we recommend a thinner duvet when camping? Well it is not just because of the space saving, but also because all our campers come with night heaters. These work off diesel, LPG or mains electric – depending on the model.


Now, when it comes to the bathroom, towels are obviously going to be needed! And there is plenty of storage space for towels in our campers.

Our larger campervans come with a non-slip shower base so there is no need to go out and find a shower mat! When it comes to storing toiletries, if you are only going away for a couple days you can buy 100ml pots to pour your shampoo etc into. This means that there will be more space for other essentials that take up that little bit of extra room. Or for the longer holidays we recommend purchasing a shower caddy, which keeps everything organised and allows for extra space in the storage cupboard in the bathroom.

In the picture you can see that we have used the shower curtain rail as a hand towel rail to save space.

Living area

The living area is the second most important area of the campervan. This is because it is the place to wind down after a long day of adventuring. A living area always needs cushions and blankets for that extra comfort and that feeling of home. Plus, if sat with the doors open watching the sunset, then the blanket definitely comes in useful as the evening chill closes in.

No one likes to have muddy boots in their camper, so we recommend a doormat that can be used to brush the mud off those boots. Due to our campers having an awning it’s perfect to leave the doormat outside when you are at your destination.

For decorative purposes, it might be nice to invest in a scratch off map. This allows you to track the destinations that you have visited and ones which you plan to go to. Scratch them off and make as many memories as possible. These are available from Ordnance Survey among other outlets. A quick google will reveal some great ideas!

If you are into plants, then adding some fake greenery into your camper to brighten it up wouldn’t go a miss. Also adding a teddy bear as your campervan mascot makes your journeys more fun. Why not document your mascot’s adventure through social media?

Now for the serious stuff, it is always best to have a first aid kit on hand in your campervan and keeping it up to date with supplies in case there is an emergency. Furthermore, having a torch, hi vis, spare waterproofs, printed maps, and any other items that you think you will need if something were to go wrong.


A well stocked kitchen galley area is essential! We recommend having staple food items that last a long time and don’t necessarily have to go in the fridge. From UHT milk and canned goods (fruit, beans, soup). Another really useful item is a bottle and tin opener. Beer and food – two essentials in our book!

A kitchen always needs utensils, pot and pans, tea towels and washing up liquid, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitiser. Keep them in the van always, because if you’re off grid, you are stuck!

Storage Ideas

Anyone with a campervan knows that storage is always going to be tight when going away. So we have come up with some ideas to help combat your storage problems:

Firstly, we recommend that you use your space wisely and plan what to bring by making a list. Start with the necessities, then move on to the luxuries with any space left over. Don’t fill every single nook and cranny. What if you stumble across that ‘must-have’ purchase on your travels?

Secondly, keeping belongings in storage boxes helps to keep the campervan much more organised. You can stack boxes on top of one another which allows for more room.

Finally, you can purchase caddy’s which  fit onto the ceiling of the campervan,  and onto the back of chairs. These are super useful to add the smaller items that you are bringing such as books or blankets.